Andre will design an efficient system that will not only save water but encourage deep rooting to plants and grasses.

An automatic controller will further be beneficial in savings by watering at the correct time of day and only as often necessary for just the right period of time using:

  • Above ground sprinklers
  • Drippers through for trees and gardens
  • Sub terrain systems for lawns or heavily planted garden areas

Rain water tanks can be installed and plumbed to the irrigation system

Irrigation Maintenance

As with any bit of machinery an irrigation system should be serviced once a year to ensure optimum performance. We can do this on an annual basis (Prior to the warm weather setting in)

Storm water and Drainage

  • Storm water connected to down pipes and run to street or stormwater pit
  • Storm Water can be directed to Water Harvesting tanks.
  • Drainage if site holds excessive water
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