The New Garden

Okay. The new dream house is finally finished and you and your family move in. As you wander around inside, taking in its shiny new features and that ‘new house smell’, you look outside. Yikes! No new garden!

A new home without a landscaped new garden is always an unsettling contrast and should be taken into consideration while building or immediately after moving in.

The ideal landscape provides your family with recreation, privacy, and pleasure. What’s more, the landscape should add to your home’s curb appeal in all seasons. Let Botha Landscape show you how ‘move in’ to your new garden as well.

Designing the bare lot surrounding your new home is an adventure in creativity. Perhaps your property needs only a few small projects to make it more attractive. Either way, it’s important to consider how each change will relate to the big picture.

New homes, gardens and developers

Why do developers go to the trouble and expense of landscaping the gardens of new build properties?

The answer is the same reason that they go to the trouble of having show home interiors professionally designed and decorated: both add to the value of a property, helping them to achieve a faster sale for a premium price. Developers know that they are selling a lifestyle, not just square footage of land – and a landscaped garden can be a powerful way to suggest a desirable lifestyle.

Botha Landscape has a wealth of experience transforming bare lots into dramatic gardens that are intended to make a lasting impression.